Movement on Main Street-Design Competition

Outcomes-based design approach for enhancing movement and physical activity for a proposed design


LOCATION: Syracuse, New York
STATUS: Competition entry submitted
ENTRY POINT: Street Redesign, Urban Agriculture, Land Use/Planning
FACTORS: Physical Activity, Social Capital, Environmental Stewardship, Access to/Equity in Services, Pedestrian Safety

In an effort to revitaliz Syracuse’s Near Westside neighborhood Syracuse University sponsored the “Movement on Main: Designing the Healthy Main Street” competition. The initiative plans to redesign the area around Wyoming Street to once again make it an important agent of the community’s social and recreational life.

HealthxDesign was invited by Marpillero Pollack Architects, as one of two preselected design teams, to develop an outcomes based design framework that articulates how the street redesign proposed by the design team can influence community health needs, while emphasizing social and recreational life at the neighborhood level.

Key Questions:

How does the proposed design increase physical activity?

How can the design also strengthen other, related health disparity and inequity at the community-level?

How does the design address the ecological model—to promote individual-level healthy behavior through transforming the physical and social environment that, in turn, influences individual behavior?

Marpillero Pollack Architects
Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects