Strengthening Community-Based Outcomes through Urban Forestry

Evaluating NYRPs TreeGiveaway Program

STATUS: In progress [to be completed April 2014]
ENTRY POINT: Urban Forestry
FACTORS: Stewardship, Civic Engagement, Community-Building and Urban Tree Canopy
TOOLS: Recommendations for advancing urban forestry in private property

With more than one-quarter of NYC total land classified as residential, there is important untapped opportunity to increase the urban tree canopy on private land. In 2007, NYRP developed a TreeGiveaway program with New York City’s Million Trees Initiative, a partnership with New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

HealthxDesign is identifying promising approaches for advancing the urban tree canopy, in privately owned land, through a retrospecti ve evaluation of a 7 year project that represents and  one of few public/private partnership of its kind in the nation.

Key Questions:

How can a TreeGiveaway program influence stewardship, ecological sustainability, community connectedness, and expand the urban tree canopy?

What were the key results of the program that was implemented over 7 years?

What are lessons learned, opportunities, and recommendations for leveraging the potential of the urban forest?

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