Open Space and Social Capital

Strengthening evaluation and data-driven programing for New York Restoration Project’s ArtsAce program


STATUS: In process – To be completed April 2016
ENTRY POINT: Community Gardens
FACTORS: Community Connectedness, Place-making, Civic Engagement, Perceptions of Safety
TOOLS: Key Informant/Stakeholder Interviews, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

With 52 community gardens spread across New York’s five boroughs, NYRP provides more than 2,000,000 New Yorkers – many of whom come from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods –with a vital resource. Arts Ace is a special program of NYRP, designed to strengthen communities, with community garden as an event space and entry-point for action.

HealthxDesign is conducting a 3-year evaluation of the ArtsAce program, to assess how this innovative urban design strategy can strengthen community health and social impacts.

Key Questions:

How does this innovative program contribute to the body of knowledge for strengthening communities?

What are promising approaches for leveraging community gardens and open space for community-based outcomes?

New York Restoration Project