Health and Neighborhood Design


Healthy Urbanism-Outcomes Based Design Guidelines for Cypress Hills Community Development Corporation


LOCATION: Cypress Hills, Brooklyn
STATUS: Phase 1 completed December 2012
ENTRY POINT: Urban Agriculture, Green Building/Housing Retrofit, Land Use/Planning, Rezoning
FACTORS: Food Environment, Food Access and Equity, Economic Development, Air Quality, Land Use, Transportation, Pedestrian Safety, Physical Activity, Housing
TOOLS: Evaluation Framework

Key questions:

What are the types of outcomes that Verde can influence through its built environment, including green infrastructure strategies?

How can Verde establish a set of design guidelines, grounded in best practice and evidence-based approaches, for all future development projects with an eye toward the optimal impact on the health of its  tenants, program participants, and the community at large?

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation 
Verde Community Development Program

Pratt Center for Community Development
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program