Social Resilience Post Sandy Reconstruction

Strategies for social resilience: NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program


LOCATION: Long Island, NY – Baldwin, Freeport, Bellmore/Merrick, Seaford/Wantagh, Massapequas
STATUS: In process, to be completed May 2014
ENTRY POINT: Urban Design, Land Use/Planning, Public Health Infrastructure
FACTORS: Access to/Equity in Service availability, Social Capital, Safety, Health and Social Vulnerability status (preventable hospitalization, emergency room use, low-income, disability)
TOOLS: Needs and Opportunities Assessment – Key Informant Interviews, Site Analysis, Quantitative Data Review

Selected as a winning team in partnership with ARUP to work on the HUD funded New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program, as part of New York State’s post-Sandy rebuilding efforts. HealthxDesign will promote social resilient design strategies that foster improved health and social outcomes for vulnerable populations in five focus Long Island communities (Baldwin, Freeport, Bellmore/Merrick, Seaford/Wantagh, and the Massapequas).

Key Questions:

What are persistent unmet health and social needs, post-sandy?

What are opportunities for promoting health and social service recovery and resilience?

What are non-service, but design-specific opportunities for advancing health and social resilience?

What are the health and social co-benefits of proposed infrastructure, housing, and economic development projects?

How can we repurpose the special analysis tools used by architects for observational analysis in Public Health?

New York Department of State/New York Rising