A Conceptual Model for FARMroots

Strengthening Local and Regional Food Systems through Tailored Capacity Building


LOCATION: New York State and surrounding region
STATUS: Completed, December 2013
ENTRY POINT: Regional Food System
FACTORS: Sustainability of Regional Farms, Land Use and Succession Planning, Program Capacity
TOOLS: Conceptual Model, Design of Technical Assistance

Greenmarkets, and the local and regional food systems they are connected to, have multiple, inter-related, and interdependent economic, social, environmental, and health benefits—ranging from local economic development, reduced carbon footprint, social cohesion, to healthy eating.

Identifying promising approaches for strengthening and advancing this important infrastructure, which is represented by the Greenmarket producer community, represents a critical opportunity for harnessing its significant potential.  Moreover, understanding the types of technical assistance strategies that can effectively build capacity in the areas of land ownership preservation and business development, will be essential in ultimately advancing those important longer-term outcome areas.

Key Questions:

What types of technical assistance for farmers translate to strengthening local and regional food systems?

What are key considerations for capacity building when designing technical assistance programming?

What kinds of metrics demonstrate the contributions of capacity building efforts for strengthening local and regional food systems?


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