Metrics Framework for Urban Agriculture

5 Borough Farm Project-a citywide plan for urban agriculture in New York City


NYC – citywide
STATUS: Phase I: 2009-July 31, 2012; Phase II: begins August 1, 2012
ENTRY POINT: Urban Agriculture
FACTORS: Food Environment, Food Access and Equity, Land Use, Job Skills, Youth Engagement, Citizen Participation [Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices]
TOOLS: Metrics and Evaluation Framework +  Indicator Guide

As a project Fellow for the The Design Trust for Public Space, Rupal is working to strengthen the growing urban agriculture movement in through a practice-based metrics framework that can inform policy-making in NYC.

Key Questions:

What are the known health, social, economic, and ecological benefits of urban agriculture?

How can key stakeholders begin to capture these benefits at various scales (garden/farm, neighborhood, and city) in order to support the growing community infrastructure represented by urban agriculture?

What kinds of metrics demonstrate the contributions of capacity building efforts for strengthening local and regional food systems?


Design Trust for Public Space

Five Borough Farm